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“If you’re having trouble looking within to spot your emotional patterns and tendencies, you can discover the same information by looking outside yourself at the movies, music, and books that you identify with. When the lyrics or mood of a song resonate with you, they say a lot about how you feel, and when a character from a movie or book sticks in your head, it’s probably because important aspects of his or her thoughts and feelings parallel your own. Taking a closer look in these moments can teach you a lot about yourself. It can also provide a great tool for explaining your feelings to other people.”

-“Emotional Intelligence 2.0”

 Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves


While not all of our coaching process involves a movie theme, this idea of stepping outside of yourself and looking at your life as if watching a movie gives you a perspective you may not otherwise easily recognize. It forces a more objective look at yourself, your character, choices, actions, obstacles, etc.


Sometimes people are reluctant to go through the coaching process because it can be a bit scary. Movies are entertaining and interesting, offering us food for thought in so many different ways, and we can use these to become the best version of ourselves, taking control of our lives, and writing our own story, the one we truly want to be living.


Whatever your unique situation is, we will tailor your coaching to get you the results you are seeking. Get ready to go on this journey of stepping into the many different roles involved in creating the movie of your life!


1. Shines a spotlight on areas that need work.

    Helps you get clear about where you are and

    where you want to be.

2. Writes out the script for your ideal life.

    Assists in setting SMART goals, getting a



3. Directs your path.

    Provides a plan and action steps and breaks

    down big jobs into manageable tasks.

4. Acts as your audience, with expectations for


    Holds you accountable for doing what you set

    out to do.


5. Edits out the things that aren't working for


     Helps you remove what is standing in your

     way of  success (clears mind talk).

6. Plays your supporting role.

    Supports you during the process and


7. Is your biggest fan.

    Cheers you on every step of the way.


8. Helps you step into your new role in life.

    Provides ongoing support even after you            have accomplished your goals. 

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One small step could change your life!

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