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Real Life or A Movie?

REEL LIFE COACHING is named for the idea that our lives are like a movie, and we all have a specific role to play. How are we showing up in our roles?

Right now, with the world turned upside down and everyone adjusting to life under quarantine, it feels more and more like we are living in a movie; it

doesn’t seem real! Because of this, stress levels are at an all-time high as we all try to figure out a new way to live. According to the book, “The Self-Driven Child”, stress is caused by something: new, unpredictable, posing a threat to the ego (feel unsafe or incompetent to handle it), and a loss of a sense of control over the situation or one’s life. Everything we are all going through right now checks all of these boxes! Cue the stress!

So what do we do now? Who has the script? LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: shine the light on what we CAN do; show up for the camera, being our best and making good memories; take action for making the most of our lives right now in this situation.

NEW: Discover and embrace the positives that are there in this new situation. Even though there is a lot of fear, anger, loss and many other negatives, we need to find the silver lining. Many people have stated that this time has brought families closer together. Others have used this time to do self-reflection and renew their mind, body, spirit, and overall lives. These are the positives that we need to keep searching for and embracing.


-meditation, exercise, healthy habits for mind/body/spirit connection--I incorporate Plexus health supplements into my diet to boost immunity and maintain gut health. Vital Biome is amazing for body and mind health. Find it and all Plexus products here:

-more family time or time with a partner watching movies, playing games, listening and dancing to music, cooking together. Have fun and laugh together! We enjoy the cookbook "Eat What You Watch: A Cookbook for Movie Lovers", so we can cook a recipe and watch the movie it is from!

-do what you love to do now that you likely have more time to do it. Get kids more active in doing what they love. Be creative. Recognize each other’s gifts and talents and help each other do something to showcase these. So often, what we love to do gets put on the back burner because our schedules are so busy, we just don’t have time. Now is the time to pursue that passion!

-Fill out my worksheet "New Opportunities and Ways I Can Grow and Enhance My Life During This Time" for more ideas

(email for your free copy!)

UNPREDICTABLE: Create an environment and lifestyle that is predictable, as much as possible, through regular schedules and routines. Some may feel that they don’t need to be regimented if they are staying home every day. But even in our homes, we need to “show up” for our roles in life and be the best we can under these circumstances. Especially if you have children, they need to feel the safety and security of knowing what each day will bring in terms of a routine. That doesn’t mean you can’t stray from it--be flexible. But maintaining some consistency will set expectations for all involved and reduce some of the stress we are all feeling.

ACTION STEP: Establish a new “normal” in your daily routine. Find a new rhythm that works for your household.

THREAT TO THE EGO: Recognize that none of us were prepared and equipped to deal with what this new situation has brought to our lives, but we are enough and we can get through it. For parents who are now in the new role of homeschooling, this is especially important to realize. You don’t have to be perfect at it. Ask for help and just show up and do the best that you can with the resources you have to assist you. Be forgiving of yourself and your kids if things don’t go that well, especially for the first few weeks while we are all trying to establish this new routine. Over time, it will get better as we adapt and get used to it.

ACTION STEPS: Spring cleaning inside and out: get rid of thoughts and habits that are not serving you well and change them; physically get rid of items in your space that you don’t need or want.

-Join my book club as we read, “Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One”, and go through action steps with us in a supportive, nurturing environment!

-Honor your gifts and talents! Be the awesome person you are meant to be, using your gifts and talents to help others during this time. Positive mantras help keep your mind on this.

SENSE OF CONTROL: All of the above-mentioned actions will prove that you do have some control over your life right now and how you choose to handle it. We can always choose how to respond, who to be and what to do.

ACTION: Make a list of all of the things you have control over right now…it may be more than you think!

We are so thankful to the health care workers, grocery workers, truck drivers and everyone who is continuing to put themselves out there and do their part to help others. You are the heroes in this movie and we appreciate you so much! We can all be heroes in our own life in some way. How will you take on that role?

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