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"Some meditated, some prayed, some danced."

This is such a beautiful quote that is circulating around social media these days offering a beautiful perspective while we are all coping with social isolation as we battle the COVID-19 virus. During this time of uncertainty and change, we are all collectively faced with choices of how to react and proceed with our lives. We are being called to make significant changes in our lives, some by choice and some by force. I choose to believe that this will ultimately result in positive outcomes for the world when it's over. But while we wait, it is crucial that we reflect on how we have been living our lives, what has been working and what has not. It's an opportunity to look inside ourselves and find our inner child, the person we were born to be before we let the world get in our head and in our way. Looking into our minds and at our thoughts, which ones serve us well and which ones we need to let go of...Our behaviors need to change in order for us to heal our lives and collectively heal the world. We are now being forced to do this, our wake-up call.  Let's come together during this time to support each other as we pause, reflect and act together to make positive changes in our lives, the things that we CAN control, in a time when we feel a loss of control. Let's listen to ourselves and each other more deeply. Let's make better choices and create better lives and heal. And let's continue to dance, for it keeps us joyful in a fearful and uncertain time.  What changes will you begin to make in your life during this time?

#change #stay at home #mind body spirit #wellness


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